“Promoting and Protecting the Ocean”

The Oceanographic Institute –  Albert I Prince of Monaco Foundation was founded in 1906 by Prince Albert I. For more than a century, it has brought together scientists, politicians, economists, associations and the general public to “know, love and protect the ocean” .

To support this project, it implements numerous mediation actions using its two establishments – the Oceanographic Museum of Monaco and the House of Oceans in Paris – and digital tools


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The Oceanographic Institute

The Oceanographic Institute is a foundation of public utility, created in 1906 by Prince Albert I of Monaco. Under the impetus of its honorary president, H.S.H. Prince Albert II of Monaco, it contributes to the Principality’s commitment to the ocean, alongside the Government of Monaco, the Prince Albert II of Monaco Foundation, the Scientific Centre of Monaco and the Yacht Club of Monaco. The Institute is responsible for numerous national and international projects (symposiums, exhibitions, educational programmes, etc.) and has an important environmental mediation mission. To this end, it relies on its two establishments – the Oceanographic Museum in Monaco and the Maison des Océans in Paris – as well as its digital tools and its off-site activities to disseminate the science of oceanography to as many people as possible, combining it with art, the living world and collective and individual commitment.

The Oceanographic Museum of Monaco

A monumental jewel designed by a visionary Prince, the Museum offers a variety of spaces with an incomparable visiting experience: with an aquarium renowned throughout the world with more than 6,000 residents from the marine world, from the Mediterranean to the tropics, and spaces combining exploration tools and natural history specimens, antique objects and event exhibitions, the Museum invites you to travel and discover.

This visit is now completed by a brand new tour, the Sea Turtle Odyssey, partly in the open air, as well as a room dedicated to the Principality’s major orientations on the ocean: Monaco and the Ocean, a state-of-the-art digital and interactive space.

Maison des Océans - Paris

A historic monument located in the heart of the Latin Quarter, between the Jardin du Luxembourg and the Pantheon (Paris 5th), the Maison des Océans was inaugurated in 1911 and completes the work of Prince Albert I of Monaco.

Now a genuine environmental “hub”, this place brings together under one roof major players in the environment and ocean protection alongside the Oceanographic Institute: the Prince Albert II Foundation, the Foundation for Research on Biodiversity (FRB), the Ocean and Climate Platform (POC), the teams of Peter Thomson, the United Nations Special Envoy for the Oceans, the International Commission for the Scientific Exploration of the Mediterranean (CIESM), the CRIOBE, etc.

It regularly hosts high-level conferences bringing together experts, entrepreneurs, political decision-makers and civil society around the major issues of sustainable ocean management and related environmental topics (climate, sustainable development, biodiversity, etc.).

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Raising awareness
all audiences

The Institute of Oceanography is committed to making the richness and fragility of the oceans known to as many people as possible. The Oceanographic Museum of Monaco is spearheading this action, creating wonder through the beauty of marine life, by appealing through art and proposing interactive devices.
The Institute of Oceanography animates a community beyond its walls, thanks to digital tools (website, mobile applications), its social networks or its external actions, the Institute draws its mobilization strength from the enlightened and constant use in its history of the most innovative awareness tools.

Passing on knowledge

Prince Albert I founded the Oceanographic Institute to disseminate knowledge of the ocean for its responsible use.
Today, knowledge is more necessary than ever to put an end to excesses and to preserve the vitality of the ocean.
The Oceanographic Institute makes the latest discoveries of the international scientific community accessible to all those involved in the ocean today and tomorrow, from schoolchildren to decision-makers.

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Rallying and taking ACTION

The Oceanographic Institute empowers the public to take action for the ocean at all levels. Through the advice it provides to the general public, by supporting projects and initiatives, through competitions for ideas and by bringing together actors, the Oceanographic Institute stimulates a large community of ocean enthusiasts and encourages them to take action.


Together with the Government of Monaco, the Prince Albert II of Monaco Foundation, the Scientific Centre of Monaco and the Yacht Club of Monaco, the Oceanographic Institute contributes to a joint and coherent action of H.S.H. Prince Albert II of Monaco towards his counterparts, heads of State, political decision-makers, international institutions and opinion leaders: their objective is to accelerate awareness and decisions in favour of a global protection of the oceans, in a humanistic vision specific to the Monegasque State.

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