The sea could be your future!

Once a year, the Institute of Oceanography, together with its partners, offers a very broad vision of the possible directions for working with the sea. Organised at the Maison des Océans in Paris, the event brings together many professionals from education and training related to the sea trades, as well as a multi-sectoral representative panel from the maritime economy.

The jobs of the sea

Often associated with a passion for water sports, sailing, and empathy for marine animals, the maritime professions are much more than that. The maritime economy represents nearly 300,000 direct jobs in France, and tomorrow it could be a million with emerging sectors such as marine renewable energy and biotechnology.

Bateau l'Atalante
View of the launching of the Victor 6000, Phare campaign on Atalante. Ifremer Olivier Dugornay, 2002.

The Marine Careers Forum

The aim of this event is twofold: to respond as closely as possible to the needs of each visitor wishing to find their way into the sea-related professions, but also to offer an overview of the potential outlets in this highly diversified sector: fishing, aquaculture, navigation, maritime economy, the French Navy, oceanography, coastal protection, processing of sea products, marine engineering, etc.

High school and university students will be able to meet professionals from different sectors, in a personalized interview.

Supported by our partners, this event continues to grow and hopes to invite new organizations to commit to the Oceanographic Institute in order to bring, beyond the dream inspired by the passion for the sea, concrete training projects for thousands of young people.

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