The jobs of the sea

The sea trades, many sectors of activity!

Shipping and transportation, fishing, aquaculture and seafood, shipbuilding and nautical industry, science and innovation, tourism and cruises, awareness and education… It is difficult to be exhaustive. The French Maritime Cluster, a professional organization that brings together all the maritime sectors, is working in collaboration with many partners, including the Oceanographic Institute, to implement a general portal for the maritime professions. In the meantime, here are some tips to inform you.

Cross-functional professions

Documentary filmmaker, librarian, journalist… many jobs can be grafted onto the specific jobs in the world of the sea. Research organizations and other institutions recruit HRDs, communication managers, graphic designers, computer scientists

Imagine your future by putting your skills and motivation at the service of research organizations, companies, NGOs, associations linked to the marine world…

Métiers de la mer Informations
Emilie Biens, illustratrice scientifique

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Métiers FDM 2020

Fanny, nurse on board

Métiers TRansversaux

My tasks and activities

“The position of on-board nurse requires versatility. My activities are very varied. My first mission is the consultation under the responsibility of the doctor. I take care of the passengers but also the crew (in connection with the occupational medicine). I follow the sanitary control on board. I regularly check the stocks, the emergency bags, and the proper functioning of the laboratory and radiology equipment that I must know how to handle. I ensure the psychological well-being of the passengers and crew. I also participate in excursions to ensure the safety of the passengers and finally I participate in the financial and administrative management of the on-board hospital.”


  • Registered nurse + Experience in emergency or resuscitation

Theo, onboard theatre manager

Métiers Transversaux

My tasks and activities

“My job is to provide sound and lighting for all the events on the cruise: entertainment, shows and lectures, in various locations on the ship. I also have to make sure the equipment is maintained and the different devices are serviced and sometimes do small breakdowns.”


  • Sound technician

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