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The Maritime Professions Forum, a team effort

Each year, we mobilize our financial and institutional partners to set up the event. It is thanks to their unfailing support and dynamism that the Oceanographic Institute remains active in informing you about the different sectors related to the sea and redirecting you to training organizations, professional federations and other institutions that work to promote these sectors of activity.

The French Maritime Cluster (CMF)

Partenaires Métiers

The CMF brings together all the players in the maritime ecosystem, from industry to all types of maritime services and activities. Today, it is made up of more than 430 entities: companies of all sizes, competitiveness clusters, federations and associations, laboratories and research centres, schools and training organisations, local authorities and economic players, as well as the French Navy. One of its actions, carried out in collaboration with its members, is to make people aware of the diversity and attractiveness of the seafaring professions and the training courses for these professions.


The French Institute of the Sea (IFM)

The IFM participates in awareness-raising, information, orientation, research, studies and training activities, aimed at “maritime decision-makers” but also at public opinion and specifically at young people.


The French Institute of the Sea (IFM)

The Directorate of Maritime Affairs within the Ministry of the Sea offers a varied range of maritime training courses, using different methods: initial training through school or apprenticeships and continuing education.
In particular, it has a network of 12 maritime vocational schools spread along the coast of France (Boulogne, Fécamp, Cherbourg, Saint-Malo, Paimpol, Le Guilvinec, Etel, Nantes, La Rochelle, Ciboure, Sète, Bastia), which provide schoolchildren with training ranging from CAP to BTS in various professional fields: marine farming, the merchant and fishing fleet, and yachting.
200 approved training centres complete the system.

https://formation-maritime.fr/ & https://www.mer.gouv.fr/

Le Marin, the weekly newspaper for the maritime economy

Le Marin is a weekly newspaper, specialized in maritime news.


GICAN is the professional association of the French naval and maritime industry, both civil and defence. It brings together more than 180 companies, major prime contractors, system manufacturers, equipment suppliers, large groups, SMEs and small and medium-sized companies in the civil and military naval construction and repair sectors, as well as in the sectors of security, safety, the maritime environment and renewable marine energy sources The recruitment needs of the sector’s manufacturers are significant and concern specific skills with a high degree of technicality.


The Campus of Industries

The Naval Industries Campus is a joint initiative for apprenticeship and training in the naval industry.

The “Ship of Professions – the road show”, the flagship device of the Campus des Industries Navales, is mobile and configured around containers and virtual reality tools. It presents the professions of the maritime industry and their future through films and testimonies of experts mobilized during the events.


The National Maritime Academy (ENSM)

The ENSM trains officers for the Merchant Navy who will have competence on all types of civilian ships and on all the seas of the world, as well as maritime engineers. Those who complete the five-year courses obtain an engineering degree. Each year, the ENSM recruits 250 high school students in the scientific field through a competitive examination, on the basis of applications and qualifications.
The ENSM is not on Parcoursup, applications are made on https://www.supmaritime.fr/

France Filière Pêche

Frane Filière Pêche is an inter-professional organisation that brings together all the links in the French fishing industry, from producers (fishermen) to traders (fishmongers and supermarket seafood departments), including fishmongers and wholesalers.

SKEMA Business School - Bachelors Program

SKEMA Business School’s BBA program offers international post-baccalaureate training (BBA degree) with dual skills in science and management of the marine environment to open up employability in the public and private marine sectors, from research to entrepreneurship. The 4-year program, entirely in English (including refresher courses), takes place in Sophia Antipolis and offers students the opportunity to spend between one and two years on an international campus (Great Britain, North America, South Africa, Australia, Hawaii). The last year of the programme can be shared with the first year of the MSc. MARRES at Université Côte d’Azur, where students can continue into the 5th year (master’s degree).


Université Côte d'Azur - MARRES

The Université Côte d’Azur offers training courses within the MARRES program that combine science, conservation and development of marine resources. The MSc. MARRES (Master’s degree) offers, in 2 years and entirely in English, an international and interdisciplinary experience to open up employability in scientific research, conservation, work in design offices, in industry, or to launch one’s own business in blue growth. A refresher program is offered to students coming from non-scientific backgrounds. Finally, a one-year online certification is offered for people who would like to (re)move into marine resources without stopping to work or study another discipline.


The Ocean and Climate Platform (POC)

The POC is an international multi-stakeholder network, created on 10 June 2014 on the occasion of World Oceans Day with the support of the Intergovernmental Oceanographic Commission of UNESCO. Today, the POC brings together more than 70 members – research institutes, NGOs, aquariums, the private sector, French institutions and international agencies, and local authorities – who work together to communicate the following message: “a healthy ocean for a protected climate”.


Generation Sea

The objective of Generation Sea is to make known the actors of all origins who mobilize citizens for a sustainable management of the ocean. Created at the initiative of the Délégation Mer et Littoral of the Ministry of Ecological and Solidarity Transition, on May 25, 2018 during the presentation by women and men, of their commitments and their projects in the preservation of our natural marine heritage.

From a day of sharing, a community was born:

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