Getting people involved to make a difference

With its capacity to inspire wonder and disseminate knowledge about the marine world, the Oceanographic Institute promotes sustainable management and sound protection of the oceans: to this end, it encourages individual and collective commitment.

By developing numerous thematic programmes on species and environments that are crucial to the health of the ocean, the Oceanographic Institute encourages action by all the different types of audiences it addresses, at all scales.

360° actions,
and for all

With the help of its partners and patrons, first and foremost the Monegasque community, the Institute is committed to putting the ocean at the heart of man, and man at the heart of the ocean.

First of all, for the general public, whether it be visitors to the Oceanographic Museum, through its events or its various mediation tools, the Oceanographic Institute mobilizes through emotion.

With political and institutional decision-makers and civil society (NGOs, associations, prominent figures, etc.), the Institute helps to identify balanced, realistic and useful solutions and promotes them. It is a means of influencing political orientations and societal choices (MBI, high level workshops, Grand Medals…);

The Institute encourages innovation, initiatives and the development of practices that respect the oceans and marine ecosystems. By encouraging philanthropy, it mobilizes for a societal commitment in concrete actions.

In the scientific world, the Institute of Oceanography is a relay for research, interdisciplinarity and meetings between experts: by participating in the accessibility of knowledge and data, it contributes to the construction and dissemination of knowledge.

The Oceanographic Institute participates in the dynamics of taking into account and safeguarding the ocean, by aiming to federate it widely and to highlight different initiatives throughout the world, by relaying the actions of its partners and actors who share the common value of preserving a healthy ocean.

Mission Martinique

The actions of the Institut

In addition to promoting the actions of our partners, the Institute has developed a portfolio of actions targeting certain environments and species.
With more than a century of experience in environmental mediation, the Institute’s teams have developed targeted thematic programs with varied fields of action.

The contemporary problem of sea turtles

Sea turtles are currently a major focus of the Oceanographic Institute. Initiated three years ago, the thematic focus on this animal has recently taken on a special dimension with the opening to the public, on April 27, 2019, of the Sea Turtle Odyssey, a new discovery space at the Oceanographic Museum, coupled with a Monegasque care centre for marine species.

This high point of our action in favour of this animal followed numerous actions: several turtle release operations were carried out with international partners (Corsica, the Philippines…), a cooperation action with an association from Caboverde was carried out as part of the Explorations of Monaco, a baby turtle, Rana, was rescued and cared for at the Oceanographic Museum of Monaco, a book pointing out all the threats as well as the existing solutions was published in 2018, a board game was edited with our help…

Focus on sharks, the great unloved

Since 2013, the Oceanographic Institute has been strongly committed to the issue of sharks. This commitment has made it possible to mobilize a large number of partners on the fate reserved for representatives of this unloved species: an extraordinary exhibition at the Museum, a popularization book, high-level international workshops, the creation of a toolbox to promote the management of the “shark risk”… Discover all the tools that have promoted a major mobilization on this species that is crucial for the health of the ocean.

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