Rehabilitating the image of the shark

Through its major “Sharks” action program, initiated in 2013, the Institute invites The aim is to go beyond stereotypes and to explore our fear and fascination for these lords of the seas in the light of the most recent discoveries. To know them better, understand them and respect them… 

The Institute of Oceanography invites you to go to the We have to meet these animals, which are as fascinating as they are unknown, and plead for a balanced management of the problem of cohabitation that we are facing: a book “Sharks, beyond the misunderstanding”;  a Sensation exhibition; numerous events and  awareness-raising operations; international meetings of scientists and expert workshops, a dedicated conference cycle.

Institute of Oceanography Shark Program

Sharks Programme: the Oceanographic Institute's lectures

Sharks, beyond the misunderstanding
Robert Calcagno
28 January 2013 - House of Oceans - Paris

The challenge of sustainable fishing for shark survival
Edouard le Bart and Jacques Le Cardinal
9 October 2013 - House of Oceans - Paris

Great white sharks in the Mediterranean
Primo Micarelli and François Sarano
14 November 2013 - House of Oceans - Paris

Predation strategies of South African white sharks
Alessandro de Maddalena
10 December 2014 - House of Oceans - Paris