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A Marine Protected Area (or MPA) is a delimited area at sea that meets the objectives of nature protection (fauna, flora, ecosystems) and the sustainable development of economic activities such as sustainable fishing and responsible tourism.

Formed into effectively designed and managed networks, MPAs provide refuges for marine flora and fauna, restore important ecological functions (e.g. safeguarding spawning grounds and fish nursery areas) and maintain the production of ecosystem goods and services. These are wise investments for the health of the oceans and the development of the blue economy.

Exemple d'aire marine protégée
Exemple d'aire marine protégée
Un exemple d'aire marine protégée
Un exemple d'aire marine protégée

Numbers to remember

Number of MPAs in the world
0 km².
Area covered by MPAs worldwide*.
0 %
Percentage of the ocean covered by MPAs*.
0 %
Percentage of ocean under high protection (no removals)
0 %
Percentage of the high seas that are protected
0 %
Of the ocean should be under high protection in 2020 (objectives of the Convention on Biological Diversity)
0 %
Ocean should be placed under high protection by 2030, experts say
0 %
Of the ocean should be effectively managed by 2030, experts say

Data as of 27.04.20. Source

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