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Since its inauguration in 1910, the Oceanographic Museum of Monaco has become one of the Principality’s flagship buildings, notably because of its remarkable architecture and its strong appeal. But it is also a vector of the Oceanographic Institute, created by Prince Albert I of Monaco to spread knowledge of the oceans and, in fact, to take an active part in their protection. And indeed, while some countries, institutions and associations have only taken up the environmental issue for a few years or even a few months, the Principality of Monaco and the Princely Family Dynasty have been concerned with it for a long time.

Monaco Blue Initiative, Lundi 3 Avril 2017, Musée Océanographique de Monaco

Today, the Sovereign Prince of Monaco is by right the Honorary President of the Institute’s Board of Directors, which is composed of ten members who maintain close ties with the Principality. Two of them are also appointed by the Sovereign Prince, today H.E. Mr Bernard Fautrier, Vice-President and Managing Director of the Foundation, Minister Plenipotentiary in charge of missions at the Ministry of State for issues related to sustainable development, and Mrs Marie-Pierre Gramaglia, Government Counsellor – Minister of Public Works, Environment and Urban Planning in the Government of Monaco

Indeed, the Government of Monaco and the Prince Albert II of Monaco Foundation are the two closest partners of the Oceanographic Institute.

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The commitment from Rolex

For nearly a century, Rolex has supported pioneering explorers, pushing the boundaries of human endeavour. With the Perpetual Planet campaign, launched in 2019, Rolex is making a long-term commitment to help explorers protect the environment.

Rolex’s commitment to the ocean is reflected in partnerships with the National Geographic Society and Sylvia Earle’s Mission Blue initiative, for example, and in the Principality of Monaco, beyond the Oceanographic Institute, the company supports the Monaco Blue Initiative, Monaco Ocean Week and the Yacht Club of Monaco.

CFM Indosuez, Monaco'sleading bank

The Indosuez Wealth Management network is embodied in Monaco through CFM Indosuez Wealth, the Principality’s leading bank. Its roots go back to 1922, when it was created by Sovereign Order.



With its experience, the company offers luxury cruises on board a modern fleet and intimate ships. For over 30 years, PONANT has been taking its passengers to the most secret places on the planet, where nature reigns supreme. This choice implies responsibilities towards the ecosystems that compose them and the communities that live there.

Moreover, the PONANT Foundation created in 2018, aims to preserve the oceans and the poles and to promote exchanges between peoples. To this end, they are committed to supporting innovative initiatives led by researchers, NGOs, start-ups or companies for the preservation of the oceans, the acquisition of scientific knowledge on polar environments and interactions with indigenous populations.

Support the projects of the Oceanographic Institute

The success of a sponsorship action depends on the values shared by the sponsor and the institution. To carry out its missions, the Oceanographic Institute needs donations from private contributors: companies or individuals. If you are sensitive to the protection of the Ocean and the actions we are taking, get involved with us. The diversity of our missions offers you several themes of intervention and axes of communication.

Customised commitments to support the Oceanographic Institute

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Become a founding sponsor

A first-rate benefactor, the founding sponsor is involved in the programming of our actions. The visibility offered is at the highest level, on our two sites, but also in all our international actions.

The Oceanographic Institute is available to run corporate workshops on key themes or to host events under special conditions in order to contribute its knowledge and image to the sponsor’s social commitment.

Become a sponsor for major projects

Major project partners are associated with the development of one of our flagship projects: Monegasque Marine Species Care Centre, temporary exhibitions, mediation projects, publication of a book, etc.

In close collaboration with the teams and within the framework of a VIP service, they have privileged access to the supported project and associate their name with it.

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Devote your talents to help the Museum

This is a sponsorship in kind or of skills.

The opportunity for companies who wish to provide resources (products or services) to support a defined project. This type of sponsorship benefits from the same tax advantages as those provided for a contribution in cash.

Get involved in the preservation of the oceans

Participate in our actions for the preservation of the oceans with a visitor base of more than 650,000 people by joining the Association of Friends of the Oceanographic Museum of Monaco to :

  • To promote the development of the Oceanographic Museum, an establishment of the Oceanographic Institute, Albert I, Prince of Monaco Foundation, which contributes to the influence of Monaco’s commitment to the Ocean throughout the world.
  • Supporting environmental mediation actions carried out in collaboration with our network of specialized partners.
  • Supporting public awareness operations under the banner of “Know, Love and Protect”: exhibitions, educational programmes for schoolchildren, tours, etc.

Useful advantages

Organise public relations events in an unparalleled setting

As part of the possible rewards of your donation, you can organize one or more large-scale events in prestigious spaces with a view of the sea at the Oceanographic Museum or in the heart of Paris in a historic building at the House of Oceans. Breakfasts, dinners, cocktails, with or without a private tour of the premises: it’s up to you to choose the right formula.

Build team spirit among your employees with a cultural or environmental project

Your employees have tickets to enjoy the Oceanographic Museum and all its cultural programming. The Oceanographic Institute, in Paris or Monaco, becomes an original venue for their internal meetings and symposiums.

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Qualify for tax advantages

You benefit from a tax reduction of 60% of the amount of your donation. This reduction applies up to a ceiling of 0.5% of turnover, with the possibility of carrying over the excess – if the threshold is exceeded – to the next five years.

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