Oceano Club

A week to discover the oceans

Do your children bombard you with questions about the sea? Sign them up for the Oceano Club to offer them a trip to the heart of the oceans.

What is it about? A one-week course organized during the school holidays in the heart of the Oceanographic Museum. Its aim: to make young people aware of the oceans and their secrets.


The Oceano Club is designed to introduce children aged 8 to 12 to the world of the sea. It welcomes them for a whole week in the magical setting of the Oceanographic Museum.

Surrounded by an educational team, these young explorers participate, from 9am to 5pm for five days, in multiple games and activities centered on the oceans and the animals that inhabit them.

This is an opportunity to awaken their curiosity, to reinforce their thirst for discovery and to spark future passions and vocations.


To encourage a playful approach, observation and manipulation are favoured.
Your children will be aquariologists and apprentice scientists for the week: they will take samples of microscopic animals from the pools, feed the turtles on the panoramic terrace, discover the magical world of coral reefs or dive into their imagination to write a story about the oceans.

Oceano Club

Conditions and prices
375€ per child, for one week, including meals and snacks
  • Every day of the week, 9am - 5pm
  • 8 / 12 years old
  • School summer holidays
Limited places


The best people to talk about it? It is the children themselves, of course. Like Arthur, for example: “I really enjoyed feeding the sharks, and it was also great to be able to interview explorers. The hosts were very nice too. I hope I can come back one day.” Or Maëlle “It was so good. I made a lot of friends and I loved feeding the turtles. Léo confirms: “Oh yes, it was very good! Seeing the sharks, the fish, the turtles, feeding them… I really liked everything about this course!”

People are talking about it!

I enjoyed feeding the sharks. The facilitators were very nice... and I hope I can come back one day!

It was really great, I loved feeding the turtles and making lots of new friends.

My favorite OCEANO Club memory is... Well I don't have too many, I like everything. I like everything actually...

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