H.S.H. Prince Albert II of Monaco

Speech about the Ocean

Year 2021

- Annual session of the National Academy of Sciences 25/04/2021

On the occasion of the annual session of the National Academy of Sciences in Washington, D.C., H.S.H. Prince Albert II gave a recorded speech to commemorate the centenary of Prince Albert I’s 1921 Speech on the Ocean.

- Monaco Blue Initiative, Monaco, 22 March 2021

Introductory speech
MBI 12th edition

Lhe best thing to do is to build a dialogue between the different actors involved. To bring together knowledge, expertise and resources. To build shared diagnoses, ambitions and strategies.

At a time when major international events are in the offing, thes agenda for 2021 in terms of both biodiversity preservation and conservation of the environment.Océan, cThis is the ambition that must drive us.

- World Ocean Summit, 04/03/2021

H.S.H. Prince Albert II of Monaco mentioned current major ocean challenges

The Sovereign addressed, more specifically, the need for efficient management of marine protected areas, but also the hopes raised by negotiations on marine biodiversity in areas beyond national jurisdiction and the opportunities linked to the ocean in terms of energy transition. The Sovereign also reminded us of this essential message while we think of the Ocean far removed from our daily lives: “To speak of the Ocean is to speak of our human life here and now. It means tackling subjects as vast and complex as health, energy, nutrition, the economy, innovation, trade and international security.

Year 2020

Pas de futur sans nature, pas de futur sans culture

- Monaco, 13 December 2020

For a deconfinement of minds

The topicality of the closure of cultural venues and their major roles in our society and economy is more relevant than ever. This Tribune explains the importance of the dialogue between Science and Culture to build the world of tomorrow. This is not just a question of economic activity; it is our openness and resilience in the face of the current crisis and in inventing the future that is at stake.


It istime to oppose the rebound of the epidemic and the economic crisis with a rebound of enthusiasm and imagination. With the economy, it is curiosity, discovery and creativity that must be revived so that we emerge stronger, better able to face the major environmental and social challenges.


To deconcentrate minds and rekindle the imagination, to take up the planetary challenges and prepare a more livable and exciting future, is our answer, because there is no future without Nature, nor a future without Culture.

A Tribune initiated by the Oceanographic Institute, published in the Journal du Dimanche, whose first signatory is H.S.H. Prince Albert II of Monaco, joined by 32 other international signatories from the worlds of science and culture: Laurent Ballesta, Charles Berling, Stéphane Bern, Sandra Bessudo, Robert Calcagno, Jean Chambaz, Xavier Darcos, Bruno David, Peter Herzig, François Houllier, Alexis Jenni, Murielle Mayette, Erik Orsenna, Vladimir Ryabinin, Enric Sala, Philippe Taquet, Valérie Verdier…

- International Hydrographic Organization, 16/11/2020

Opening remarks of the IHO Assembly by HSH Prince Albert II of Monaco

The achievements accomplished by the International Hydrographic Organization are a sign of the role and necessity of this lasting notion of multilateralism for technical consultations.

The IHO was founded in this sprit almost 100 years ago and it  is just as relevant today as it was at the time of my great great grandfather, Prince Albert Ist who invited the International Hydrographic Bureau, predecessor of the International Hydrographic Organisation, to set up its headquarters here in Monaco in 1921, where it has remain every since.

- Virtual Summit of Heads of State and Government on biodiversity,
New York, September 30, 2020

Decision-makers take action for nature and biodiversity

It is not just a matter of preserving a few species, a few ecosystems, or even a few seas. It is a question of preserving our planet, our future, our life.

That is why it is so important to act, and to act now.

- United Nation Ocean Conference, 04 June 2020

"A digital ocean: data and science session"

Interconnecting the decisions of political and economic players more effectively with the work of the scientific community should more than ever before be at the heart of our strategies, because the connection between science, decision makers and public opinion has always been the principle of any responsible action.

Discours de S.A.S. le Prince Albert II sur l'Océan

- Monaco Blue Initiative, 28 May 2020

opening of the MBI #11

In the particular context of the COVID-19 crisis, the MBI that was to be held in March in Monaco was cancelled and replaced by high-level video-conference sessions. On this occasion, H.S.H. the Prince made a significant speech.

“To know men, one must see them act” wrote Rousseau. This applies to our subjects as much as to others: to really know our relationship with the oceans and to hope to change it, we must see ourselves acting towards the seas. This is what the Monaco Blue Initiative is all about.

- Monaco, 22 April 2020

Earth Day: HSH Prince Albert II of Monaco made a speech in favour of protecting the planet

The fragility of humanity that we are witnessing must lead us to reflect on our priorities and, first and foremost, to reinvent our relationship with nature.

Through the immense social and economic changes that it is bringing about, and that it will bring about for many months, and perhaps for many years to come, this crisis must encourage us to better preserve our Planet, its climate, its biodiversity and its oceans.

Year 2019

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COP 25 Chili - Madrid, December 2019

The “blue cop”, focused on the ocean

In line with his commitments on the IPCC special report on the ocean and cryosphere, H.S.H. Prince Albert II participated in the COP 25 organized by Chile and relocated in Madrid, from 2 to 13 December 2019.

We cannot effectively combat climate change without taking swift, ambitious and coordinated action to protect and preserve the Ocean. The world will be watching COP25 and expects nothing less than a collective commitment of responsibility to ensure the protection and integrity of our ocean ecosystem and to mitigate further damage to the Earth and all living things on it.

- Oceanographic Museum of Monaco, 7 November 2019

Presentation of the Grand Medals Albert I

The global pressure on our planet affects everyone and hits the weakest hardest. In this context, international solidarity and multilateral dialogue are more essential than ever.
The ocean, like the climate, invites us to do so. They link species, peoples and individuals of all origins and conditions, wherever they may be, for better or for worse, by a link as indestructible as it is vital.

Discours de S.A.S. le Prince Albert II de Monaco lors de la remise des Grandes Médailles et Prix de Thèse 2019
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United Nations General Assembly - 24 Sept. 2019

the principality committed to the climate

The Government of Monaco is committed to carbon neutrality and is giving itself the means to achieve it, declared Prince Albert II at the United Nations General Assembly. In his speech, the Sovereign also emphasized the role of forests and even more so that of the ocean. Monaco has “historically chosen to support science,” he added.

Climate change and the collapse of biodiversity, far from being isolated crises, are two alarming symptoms of the Antrhopocene that need to be addressed in synergy.

- Paris, UNESCO Headquarters - 29 July 2019

Centenary of the International Geodetic and Geophysical Union

The ardent need to protect the ocean has succeeded the time of discovery and knowledge of the seas, which was that of my great-great-grandfather.

Monaco strives to continue to follow his will and to make his legacy fruitful by updating his message.

Through its own initiatives as well as by proposing to its partners to relay and amplify their own actions, the Principality strives to be a “voice of the ocean”…

Monaco Blue Initiative, Lundi 3 Avril 2017, Musée Océanographique de Monaco
Monaco Ocean Week

- Monaco Blue Initiative, 25 March 2019

opening of the MBI #10

There is a phrase by the great historian Jules Michelet that often comes to mind when I enter this Oceanographic Museum, which is right here on the Mediterranean.

“It is with the sea that all geography should begin”.

We also know that it is with the sea that all history must begin, for we know that we were born of the ocean and that our civilizations were born of the sea.

But it is also by the sea, more and more, that any economy should start.

I am sure that all politics, morals and philosophy will have to begin more and more with the sea.

- Monaco, Oceanographic Museum, 16 April 2019

Meeting of European Oceanography Centres

I think it is necessary, as you said, to develop a better understanding of the general public [sur les questions des sciences de l’océan]. People like information that tells a story, and if we can draw their attention to different ways of telling that story, and in a more engaging way, I think that would certainly help.

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Monaco, la voix de l’Océan


Message from H.S.H. Prince Albert II of Monaco, on the occasion of the 74th session of the Marine Environment Protection Committee, London – 13 to 17 May 2019, International Maritime Organization

Message from H.S.H. Prince Albert II of Monaco to the Director-General of UNESCO at the First Planning Meeting of the UN Decade of Ocean Sciences for Sustainable Development – 13 May 2019

Speech by H.S.H. Prince Albert II of Monaco, at the UN Tribune on the occasion of the conference on the oceans in the framework of Development Goal 14 “To conserve and sustainably use the oceans, seas and marine resources for sustainable development” – Speech June 2017.