Policy Officer for Oceans Policy

portrait: Corinne bussi-copin, Policy Officer for Oceans

“I joined the Oceanographic Museum of Monaco, where I was trained in scientific mediation and in welcoming the public.

After more than 20 years in the same structure, I am now in charge of the Ocean scientific advisor.
At the crossroads of scientific popularization, pedagogy and animation, I coordinate thematic programs and the development of awareness-raising tools for different audiences.”


  • After training as a Marine Technician
  • a master’s degree for professional purposes
  • after obtaining 2 DEA in oceanology and modelling and after some experience in laboratory work
EDM Mission Martinique

Knight of Maritime Merit

The Oceanographic Institute is proud to have a recent medalist on its team! Corinne Copin has just been awarded the very honourable title of

“Knight of Maritime Merit”.


EDM Mission Martinique
EDM Mission Martinique
EDM Mission Martinique