“Tortues marines, la Grande Odyssée”

Marine turtles, the great odyssey: a reference book

Robert Calcagno, director of the Oceanographic Institute of Monaco, signs his tenth book on the theme of oceanography: Tortues marines, la grande odyssée, published by Glénat in 2017. Highly documented, it deals with the evolution of marine turtle populations from their appearance to the present day, drawing the reader’s attention to the environmental changes that threaten their survival today.

The mysterious odyssey of an endangered species

Robert Calcagno, affirms it: “It took only half a century for man to threaten the existence of sea turtles! Symbols of wisdom and longevity, sometimes immortality, sea turtles have fascinated many civilizations.

All seven species of marine turtles are vulnerable or threatened because they are subject to most of the pressures that humans exert on the marine environment. Sea turtles could become extinct due to current environmental changes.

Having appeared 110 million years ago, these great migratory birds still hold many mysteries. To better understand their life cycle, it is necessary to study them while preserving their habitats. To safeguard them, protection solutions at an international level must be considered.

Livre Tortues marines, la grande odyssée
Clés d'identification des espèces de tortues marines © Institut océanographique
Le livre Tortues marines, la grande odyssée
La grande odyssée ou le cycle de vie des tortues marines

A life of travel

At the crossroads of the worlds of water and land, marine turtles are among the animals that still retain a great deal of mystery.

Migrations, mating rituals, mechanisms triggering egg-laying… we still don’t know a lot.

Thanks to the latest technology, scientific research is working to unravel the mysteries that still surround turtles to address the urgent need to ensure their future.

Turtles confronted with our appetite

Sea turtle fishing is still allowed in the territorial waters of 42 countries and 42,000 turtles are still caught legally each year.

The consumption of their meat and eggs and the use of their shells are the main reasons for the decline in their populations.

The various protection measures taken in recent decades remain poorly implemented. The plight of the turtles began with overexploitation but is intensifying with man’s hold on the ocean and coastline.

Livre Tortues marines, la grande odyssée
Tortue harponnée
Le livre Tortues marines, la grande odyssée
Comment se comporter sur la plage et sous l'eau en cas de rencontre avec une tortue marine ?

Cohabiting with turtles

If we want to save sea turtles, we need to protect them better.

At a time when holidaymakers from all over the world are flocking to the fine sandy beaches, a small part of this Eden must be reserved for the turtles.

This is quite a challenge in view of the fact that the development of tourism on these coasts is seen as an essential lever for economic development.

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