birth of dwarf hatchet fish at the Museum

our experts at L'AQUARIUM are happy to announce the first birth of dwarf hatchetfish in an aquarium
Parapriacanthus ransonneti

Captivated by the beauty of a school of dwarf hatchet fish during a visit to Japan, aquarists from the Oceanographic Museum, Océanopolis and Marineland set themselves a challenge that is about to be met: to create a school of these mysterious fish, using larvae raised at the aquarium. In Monaco, after only a few weeks of acclimatization, the broodstock freshly arrived from Japan started to lay eggs. The larvae were recovered with patience and care and then grew up under the amazed eyes of the caretakers.

This approach also expresses the importance of a responsible approach for the Oceanographic Institute with regard to the marine environment: with this reproduction in an aquarium, the experts of the Oceanographic Museum will directly contribute to the reduction of fishing pressure on this species in the natural environment!

Creating an entire bench will take time and hard work, but what was a dream a year ago is taking shape before our eyes! See you in a few months in Monaco to discover these wonderful fish and their sumptuous movements when they form a school.